Top 5 Best Android Camera Apps for Better Photography


Top 5 Best Android Camera Apps for Better Photography – Smartphones nowadays reduced the need of digital cameras for photography and videography! because nowadays Smartphones are having a camera with high exposure value and high resolution which can be us as alternatives of digital cameras. However, some smartphones are not loaded with a good camera app by the manufacturer so you can not take an advantage of that high-quality camera!

But no problem, If you have a good android phone with 8 Megapixel or 13 Megapixel camera then Install these custom camera apps to your phone and it will be helpful to you to take professional-level photographs with your smartphone! So, today I am going to write an article that is dedicated to photographers and it’s about the Top 5 best camera apps for android phones for photographers with high exposure control.

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Top 5 Best Android Camera Apps for Better Photography:

#5 Line Camera:

Line camera is one of the best cameras for taking selfies and Collage images from your android smartphones. The line camera is loaded with high-quality filters which are highly customizable! it is not just a camera app but it will also allow you to edit pics while capturing the photograph. Put a bunch of photos together and create a collage image! so this camera will do 3 functions in a single app! You can capture, edit and make college images with this app and all these for free!

#4 Open Camera:

The open camera is one of the most lightweight camera (around 500kb) apps for android devices but don’t look at its size because the features and the exposure control of this camera are pretty decent! The open camera is recommended for night photography using android phones. Just tap anywhere on the screen to focus on the object and magically the image will be brighter. Again Open camera is also a free camera app for Android devices.

#3 Google Camera:

Google Camera is a Google app for photographers with a bunch of unique features to make your photography better. Google Camera takes easy and quick photos and amazing videos and takes advantage of your Android device’s full computing power with image-enhancing features like HDR+, Lens Blur, Wide Angle, Panorama and Photo Sphere. But if you want to use the Google Camera then you must own an Android Phone or Tablet with Android KitKat 4.4 or the above version of the android then you can download this app for free from the Google Play store.

#2 A Better Camera:

As the name says Better Camera will really help you to capture photographs with better quality with its high-quality functions! This app will allow you to shoot pics and video in 11 different shooting modes like HD panorama, HDR, Night, Group, this etc. B this camera also has features like exposure metering mode, ISO settings, sense mode, autofocus mode, etc. This is also available on the Google play store for free as well as paid version.

#1 U Camera (Ultra Camera):

And here comes the best camera app for the Android phones and its UCam or you can say Ultra Camera. This app will provide you the almost all exposure controls and the functions that you will need to take a photograph like a professional. You can shoot videos, take a panorama, can make a college, can set exposure values, can apply the various exposure presets much more things! The list of its features is very huge so I can’t write here all the features of Ultra camera but all I can say is it’s the best Android camera app that I ever used.

I hope this Top 5 list of the best android camera apps will helpful to you in your photography with Android Phones! if you want to articles like this then subscribe to our email updates and never miss a single update from us! Thanks a bunch guys!


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