Top 5 Android Apps to Get Rid Of Advertisements


Android Apps to Get rid of ads:- If you are Android user then I am quite sure that you have faced this annoying ads on Your phone or tablets. While surfing on the web you got many popup ads saying your device has number of viruses and download our app and bla bla… or Downloaded a free app which continuously showing annoying and boring push notification ads to you which makes really horrible to use that app ! And then most probably you are here to find out how to get rid of Annoying Android ads.

So, today I am going to write something which will be useful to you to kill annoying Android Ads with just a few clicks. Here is list of 5 Best Android Ads blocker apps which will help you to get rid of almost all kinds of ads including web ads, apps ads, popup ads, notification ads, etc.

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Top 5 Best Apps to Get rid of Annoying Android Ads:

So let’s start from the 5th best Android ads blocker.

#5 AppBrain Ad Detector:

App Brain ad detector detect almost every annoying stuff of Android apps which you have installed in your phone or tablet. It covers Push Notifications, Desktop icon spam ads (adware) or privacy concerns (spyware) detection. It helps you to get rid of annoying ad notifications (Airpush, Leadbolt) and bookmarks on your desktop. AppBrain ad detector has more than 70 measure which help to detect guilty ads from apps and games.

This is not an Ad Blocker but still it help you to detect annoying apps with too much ads and help you to uninstall them easily.

#4 Ad-Network Scanner & Detector:

Ad-Network Scanner is similar to the AppBrain Ad detector which also help you to know that which app is having more number of annoying ads. Ad-network scanner & detector can detect almost every ad network including  MoPub, AirPush, AdMob and many other similar networks. With easy access to this information, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to keep the app that has certain ad networks on your phone or should uninstall it.

#3 Ad-Vanish Lite:

Finally here is an Ad blocker which can detect ads as well as it can remove ads from the apps, Isn’t it great? AD-VANISH will allow you to block ads on you Android smartphone and tablet. It has ability to block ads from the offline apps without rooting your Android device. AD-Vanish comes with two variants one is Lite version and second one is Pro version. First you should try lite version then ahead you should go with Pro version for $3.99.

#2 NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite:

NoRoot Ad-Remover is similar like Ad-Vanish it will also allow you to Detect apps that are having ads in it and allow you to block ads from the apps without rooting your device. This app can block popup ads and floating apps from the apps. this app can block ads on Angry Birds collections, Where’s my water, Temple Run and other more than 10000 Android games. Whenever you open any ad blocked apps or game this will simply disable the Internet connection and ads will be not there anymore. Unfortunately this app is no more on the Google Play Store but still you can get this by a simple Google Search.

#1 Adblock Plus:

Here comes the giant! Adblock plus is one of the best tools for blocking ads from the apps and games but it is not available on the Google Play store but still you can download from the adblock plus’ website. This app can allow you to block ads to the apps as well as you can allow ads to apps on which you want ads. Beside this main features of adblock plus are Disable Tracking, Disable Malware Domains, Disable Social Media Buttons, Typo Protection and other interesting features for absolutely free. If you android device is rooted then this will work more better.


So, here are the Top 5 Best Android Apps to Get Rid of Ads. I hope these apps will help you to make your Android device ads free from push notification ads, popup ads, floating ads and many other ads formats. If you want more Android tips and tricks like this then take a second to subscribe to our email updates and get Free quality updates to your inbox for free of cost.


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