Top 10 Apps to Watch Movies and Live TV on Android for Free


Apps to Watch Movies and Live TV:- Smartphones are now not only acting a second screen, but have transformed into the primary device for many. Leaving the laptops behind, people are now using their smartphones for business purpose and for entertainment too. There are many people who even love to watch their daily dose of TV shows on their mobile devices. We have created a list of 10 best android apps to watch movies and live TV.

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Top 10 Apps to Watch Movies and Live TV:-

1. NexG TV

NexG TV is one of the best streaming apps available on any smartphone platform today. It has the widest variety of TV channels that are divided into different genres. The UI is quite clear and easy to understand. The channels are available on a nominal weekly charge that will offer unlimited streaming of channels.

2. Hubi

Hubi is one of the most popular Android apps to watch movies and live TV, which is developed by MegaDevs. Hubi takes in content from various websites that include FileNuke, 180Upload, Stream Cloud, Vodu, YouTube and many others that are 39 in total. The app offers system wide integration with tracking option for recently watched videos.

3. A&E

Most of the popular shows of A&E are available on their app. The app is a solid built with most of the features that a similar app should possess. The cleanly built app is just right when ease of use is concerned and it offers a slideshow of features series.

4. Direct TV

The app lets you live stream the TV channels straight on your smartphone from anywhere, at home or on the go. The app also offers an option for sharing the TV show and movies with your friends and family on social networks. Direct TV provides content from HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Encore, Showtime, etc.


SPB TV offers various interactive features apart from the wide range of TV channels. There is also a TV guide for every channel that lets you see the list of upcoming programmes on different channels. You will get to watch high quality content with the ease of user friendly interface.

6. Google Play Movies & TV

To compete with other third party streaming services, Google launched its own streaming app under the Play branding. Though, most of the content on the app is paid, it offers the best and seamless experience with your content. Once purchased, you can watch your movies on any device, unless you are using the same Google account.

7. Max Go

After HBO, Cinemax also created its own mobile app that lets its users to stream the TV shows. You can watch the latest and original programmes and also create a custom watch list. You also get the access to some behind the scenes some uncut scenes too.

8. Mobile TV

This app features content from various popular shows like The Daily Show, Live MLB, Glee, etc. users get access to 24/7 news sessions for a long list of news channels. The service is available for free for first seven days and the users will have to pay a nominal fee for monthly subscription.

9. Discovery Channel

The world famous informative TV channel has its own Android app. It lets you stream their shows via app, without any commercial breaks. Rather, only a single pre-roll ad is shown before the video starts. You can add the videos to the favourite list to access it with ease.

10. Crackle

Crackle is a Sony owned TV shows streaming app that is very similar to Netflix. The app offers completely original content from their collection and they include some big names too. The app also provides content from other sources too. The only let down is that the app features the contents only from the 60s.


So these are the top 10 android apps for watching movies and live tv. If you know any other better apps than these then please let us know by commenting. Share this article and support us for writing for articles. Subscribe to droid tips tricks for latest premium updates.


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