How to Instantly Shut Down (Or Reboot) Your Apple Mac


Shut Down (Or Reboot) Apple Mac Instantly: There are many Apple Mac users who do not like to use mouse or trackpad to perform any activities. They always have a wish to shut down or reboot the Mac OS device instantly within no time. It may also happen that sometimes your mac is not responding and you want to shut down it immediately so that you can go home. At that time some specific keyboard shortcuts perform a great job and solve your problem. So in this article, we will share some useful keyboard tricks that will be helpful for Shut Down (Or Reboot) Apple Mac Instantly.

These keyboard shortcuts will help you to avoid unnecessary windows and thus save time also. Using these shortcuts, you can close the opened window instantly within no time. This saves your time in a great way. These keyboard shortcut usually avoid the usual shutdown counter that you may get while shutting down your Mac with the usual path like Apple Menu > Shutdown.

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How To Shut Down (Or Reboot) Apple Mac Instantly

You must be aware of the saying Great power comes with responsibility. These mac keyboard shortcuts for instant shut down or reboot gives you kind of magical power that does not require the use of mouse or menu anymore. But along with that, it warns you to save all your files as these keyboard shortcut actions will not notify you to save your data.

Here we share some instant action that you can follow for instantaneous shut down or reboot of your Apple Mac. Here we have mentioned the use of power or eject button. So it is upto whether you can use power button or eject button whichever is present in the upper right of the keyboard.

  • If you are lazy to close all the tabs one after another, but it needs to reboot your Apple Mac then you can get an instant reboot of your Mac with the help of the command control + Command + Power/Eject. Performing this action will not show you any warning message or pop-ups.
  • You can also shut down it instantly your Apple Mac you with this action.  i.e Command+Option+Control+Power/Eject. But be alert to save your previous work before instant shut down as it will not prompt you to save.
  • Another case when you want to log yourself from your Mac account but don’t want to use mouse or menu, then you can follow the command Command+Shift+Q.
  • If you want to put your mac to sleep instantly, then hit Command+Option+Power and cling to it for atleast two minutes or more.
  • When you want to shut down the power of your Mac’s display immediately, then use the command Shift+Control+Power and hit the spacebar key when you want to activate your screen display again.
  • To perform any actions like the reboot, shut down, sleep or anything just use the command Ctrl+Eject/power. It will open the power management menu to let you perform the action of your choice.
  • For force shut down of any frontmost application, you can always press Cmd+Opt+Shift+Esc.


When you are experimenting with all these keyboard shortcuts to shut down or reboot your Apple Mac then make sure you have saved all your files you were working. Performing these shortcut keyboard commands will not give you any warning message or pop up. So it’s better to be on the safe side by saving all the files.


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