7 Best Android Apps For Toddlers With Autism


Autism is the classical disorder; A parents has helped us to find out best apps android apps for toddlers with autism. These apps are helping her child develop special skills like reading, social integration, imagination, emotions recognizing, creativity and many more things which will develop in toddlers with autism.This will help many parents for their toddler with autism for developing his/her skills.

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Top 7 Best Android Apps For Toddlers With Autism :

Here I am writing Best android applications for toddlers with autism to increase their skills while playing with the android tablet / phone.

#1 Emotions And Feelings – Autism :

toddlers with autism many time have difficulties in recognizing the emotions and feeling, they are having trouble in recognizing facial expressions. This application will help them a lot, it uses a social story about different emotions and feelings and ask a questions like how someone is feeling. It is excellent application for developing Emotional, Recognition, Social skills during speech therapy sessions.

It cost about 2.99$ on Google play but it actually worth a lot.

#2 Super Why! :

Super Why PBS kids will help your child to develop their reading, maths, latter recognizing and imagination skills with fill-in-the-blank from story images, find similar works from the list and much more. It’ll also improve writing skill of your child by allowing them wring on screen. It will give strikers as reward on learning so it will be more exiting for him/her to play with it and learn skills from the application.

This app cost around $2.99, you cam buy it from Google play store from this link.

#3 Autism Learning : Camp Discovery :

Autism learning camp discovery is special develop for the child with autism. Teach your child new skills with this Autism learning camp discovery application. This application is developed by center of autism and related disorder (CARD), It is suit of therapeutic learning with games and it is approved by scientists, special education teachers and parents.

It will help your child to recognize objects, colours, shapes, emotions, feelings and much more. It’ll develop social skill, reorganization skill and almost all basic skills !

You can get this application from Google play fro free! from this link <autism learning : camp discovery>

#4 Starfall ABC/Learn To Read :

Starfall ABC help kid to learn alphabet by sound out the latter, it makes learning more easy and exiting specially helps kid to learn alphabet who is having autism. even an ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) therapist uses it for teaching in their sessions for young children. once children has learn alphabets it has short fun stories to read, it’ll improve his reading skills. Every word in story will sound out automatically it will help child to recognize various latter’s sound. This application will improve vocal skills, reading skills and language skill to your child.

This app cost around $2.99, you cam buy it from Google play store from this link.

#5 PopMath :

PopMath will help your child for developing their mathematical skills with a lot of fun. Your child can learn basic additions of numbers with the fun. There are 6 pairs of coloured bubbles with number floats around the screen. After your child get mastered in additions you can should buy full version of app for $0.99. full version will help your kid to learn subtraction, multiplication and divisions with fun.

#6 Fruit Ninja Free :

Fruit ninja is a free game on Google play store, I’m dam sure that your child will love the fast pace of game and it will lot of fun with it. It is about to chop the fruits and get points and make score as high as he/she can. It will develop skill like motor skills, better coordination, better focus. It will also improve their game playing skills and improve the concentration level.

You can download it from Google play store for free.

#7 Early Counting Skills – Autism:

Early counting skills application will help your child to count the things easily. A boy will show the beach balls and he/she need to identify with the quantity of it. This application will develop counting and maths skills to your child and help them to count things faster and without any difficulties.

This is a free application available on Google play you can download it from this above link.

I hope these five android applications will help your child to develop their skills and improve their level of concentration and understanding of feelings and emotions.

Share this with your circle may be it’ll help other parents for improving skills of their child with autism.


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