5 Best IOS Emulators For Windows Users To Run IOS Apps

5 Best IOS Emulators For Windows Users To Run IOS Apps

5 Best iOS Emulators for Windows: Do you want to use iOS apps but don’t have an iOS device? Don’t worry. We have the solution for you. Here we will share how you can use iOS apps on your PC/Computer using some iOS emulators. Many of you must have quires in mind regarding the best iOS emulators for Windows users. So you are also one among those than reading this article. Here we are sharing the list of latest iOS-based emulators those are available for Windows platform.

There are many iOS emulators for Windows but here we will list out the best emulators for iOS for your Windows. These will definitely help you to run your favorite iOS apps on your Windows Pc/laptops. So read below and choose the best iOS emulator that you want to run iOS apps.

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5 Best IOS Emulators For Windows To Run IOS Apps

Before proceeding towards the best iOS emulators lets know first what is exactly an emulator is? Well, Emulators are nothing but a virtual program that helps in the creation of different operating system environment on various other OS.

iOS emulators for Windows are such software program that creates an iOS OS environment on Windows OS once installed into it. This will help running iOS apps. The concept of virtualization technology is followed by these emulators. This technology is also responsible for creating virtual machines.

The rapid development of technology and the interconnectivity of the operating system, there are now many programs those are developed to work as iOS emulators. But below we are discussing some better-known ones those are already well received by the users.

1. Smartface

This is one of the popular emulators with all the basic Windows OS functions. it allows the users to use unlimited iOS apps at absolutely free of cost. It’s very easy to use. The only thing you need to do is install it on the host device through the app store and then connect it to the windows device. Make sure that your Windows device has an iTunes installed to synchronize the work of the two devices. Once the emulator is installed on the Windows device, then developing of native application through the smart face is possible.

There are also some apps with debugging features like real-time code changes, breakpoints etc for debugging of the application.

2. MobiOne Studio

It is the most versatile and easy to use software that allows the users to emulate many iOS apps along with the developing of many iOS applications. This iOS emulators is launched in 2009 and since then more than half million designers and developers have already downloaded this program.  It has unique multiple capabilities like customised user interface templates with drag and drops functions.

MobiOne also supports large sized apps for review and testing through app sync technology. The common text messaging feature of this emulator will let the user transfer their app directly to other devices.

3. Air IPhone Emulator

Air iPhone will create a virtual phone on your Window PC that will make you able to see the actual screen. Adobe AIR framework, which is a very useful to users is supported by Air iPhone.  It now recreates the iPhone user interface on your iPhone device. Now you can install and use any of your favourite iOS app on your Windows device.

4. Ipad Simulator

It is an extension of Google Chrome Browser. This emulator works like a cloud operating system and a simulator as well. The user can get Apple features with iPad simulators like Siri at a free of cost. It is a virtual cone of iPad that you can use as an iOS Emulator for Windows OS.


It is an alternative to App.io. But many users also believe that it is better than App.io. With the help of this emulator, it is possible to developiOS and Android applications on cloud storage. You can use Appetize.io at free of cost for first 100 minutes once you download and install it. And once you exceed that limit then you will be charged $0.05 per minute.


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